Commercial Fit Out

All your staffing needs, signify your corporate brand and meet your business growth plans.

We will work with you to develop a solution which fully meets your company’s needs and expectations. Our property appraisal and space planning and design processes will ensure that all avenues have been explored to ensure the office fit out works for you operationally, culturally and aesthetically; both now and in the future

As an experienced commercial interior and office fit out contracting companies our network of product suppliers is vast. We are able to call upon the expertise of our support network in addition to applying our own extensive experience to plan and provide a bespoke office environment that is specific to your needs.


Office refurbishment is a great occasion to re-assess your working environment and identify key issues that may be restricting your productivity.

Sometimes moving your business is just not possible. If you’re existing business premises are tired, worn, run-down and not motivating to employees. The ABS Group can assist you with your office refurbishment and will help you to assess your building for improvements.

By inviting us to review your existing offices, we will carry out a workplace and property appraisal and develop office planning schemes that will revive the office environment and make better use of the current structure to introduce new, improved facilities and expand your workforce.

With extensive experience in occupied refurbishment projects, as office refurbishment contractors, we know that your staff cannot be disrupted, so our contracts managers will work alongside you to develop a suitable project programme. Our duty to health and safety also ensures we can work in and around your workforce if necessary.

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Case Studies

The biggest challenge to date……

A complete refurbishment of this 3 storey office building, 2 stair & lift cores, 6 toilet facilities, 2 cafeterias and the entire Ground Floor Reception area, oh and in only 12 weeks……..


A selection of some of our Clients…….

  • Nationwide Bank
  • NHS Trust
  • BTMU Investment Bank
  • Fidelity Investment
  • Kent County Council
  • Norland Managed Services
  • Thomas Cook
  • Nat West Bank
  • Corporation of London
  • Colchester Borough Council

Our Teams

With over 20 years of Fit Out & Refurbishment experiences it’s difficult to beat this Teams knowledge.

From small overnight transformations to a £1 million turnkey project, the Management Team believe they have seen it all.

Your Fit Out or Refurbishment Project...

With our turnkey Fit Out knowledge and the extensive experience we have in occupied premises refurbishment means you have a partner you can trust with one of your most valuable assets, your staff and the environment they work in.