The ABS Group have all the resources required to relocate your business. We have not only the vehicles and equipment for the job, but some of the most experienced staff to match.

We can offer sound advice from the inception of any forthcoming project. Although the actual physical move or change may be many months away, this is the best time to call for free advice and consultation, which may well have an impact on your relocation strategy and could save on overall costs.

The ABS Group can be on hand to attend planning meetings, departmental briefings, to liaise with other contractors where required, to ensure continuity and communication lines are maintained, but also to give practical advice and solutions should any unforeseen circumstances occur.

As in many aspects of life, good preparation is the key to success. Any changes to workplace environments can be a stressful time and can mean loss of productivity if not carefully planned and executed.

Whatever plans you are considering, The ABS Group offer a free consultation to assess your requirements. Our experienced staff will carefully quantify and analyse each aspect of any proposed moves or changes, working with you and your staff to formulate a strategy to minimise any disruption to your business.

Call The ABS Group on 01245 360060 to discuss your project today!

Case Studies

The biggest challenge to date……

A complete refurbishment of this 3 storey office building, 2 stair & lift cores, 6 toilet facilities, 2 cafeterias and the entire Ground Floor Reception area, oh and in only 12 weeks……..


A selection of some of our Clients…….

  • Nationwide Bank
  • NHS Trust
  • BTMU Investment Bank
  • Fidelity Investment
  • Kent County Council
  • Norland Managed Services
  • Thomas Cook
  • Nat West Bank
  • Corporation of London
  • Colchester Borough Council

Our Teams

Not only does your Move Manager manage our specialist removal team & vehicles, they make sure your project is executed how and when you want it, minimising the effect on your business.

Leaving you plenty of time to unpack the pot plants and put on the kettle…..

Your Project Management needs...

There are hundreds of things to stay on top of when relocating. With your dedicated ABS Move Manager taking care of everything, you won’t need to worry about any of them.