National Stress Awareness Day

When was the last time you were stressed? Perhaps you’re stressed right now? If only there was a day that highlights the awareness that stress can put on someone… Luckily, National Stress Awareness Day on the first Wednesday of November each year is an event that the abs group are proud to support!

The feeling of stress is an everyday occurrence in our daily lives, from home pressures to working hard in your job, the overwhelming feeling of stress can potentially lead to mental health problems or make normal things you do seem like mountains to climb.


National Stress Awareness Day is a great opportunity to take a moment to think about our wellbeing and find advice or support on managing stress.


At the abs Group, we recognise the importance of wellbeing and ensuring that we are looking after our own mental health. A strong business such as ours, contains an inner core of individuals who matter – this should be the approach for every company to take.


With this in mind, we have come up with some ways our own employees can manage or eradicate the feeling of stress in the workplace. In our office we all have stress balls in easy reach, in case of an emergency!


In the same breath, our company loves to carry the weight of projects on our shoulders. This allows you, the client, to remain relaxed and be safe in the knowledge, that you are being taken care of, allowing you to focus on your own wellbeing and other work commitments that are of higher importance.

In October, the management team were treated to a trip out to Spain by our Managing Director. He recognises how hard everyone has been working and wanted to give the team a chance to recharge their batteries and take some time to relax. Tony understands the importance of staff well-being and how stress can have a negative impact on the team.

In addition to the mini break to Spain, we are installing in a new break-out area for the team, so that they can have a comfortable space, to relax and socialise. Luckily this is something that the abs Group are old hands at, so we can be safe knowing that the quality and installation, will be first class.

It’s worth remembering that if you know what makes you stressed, it will help not only you but also those you trust to help you deal with it. This is particularly important in the workplace where stresses of workload and working relationships are common – it’s good to talk!


We’re asking employers and employees alike to start the conversation about stress in the workplace. We support National Stress Awareness Day, if our staff can share their thoughts and feelings when they are feeling stressed, yours can too!


It can make a huge difference sharing how you’re feeling with friends and colleagues. By sharing you could get some great advice and tips or find you can support others who need help.


After all, a problem shared, is a problem halved. Together, stress can be eradicated and the feeling of belonging in a team overtakes.

Do you have any plans for National Stress Awareness Day? Whether you do or you don’t, join in with the fun of creating awareness – as our tagline suggests, we build with you in mind, literally!


Change is only around the corner if you welcome it with open arms. The abs group also have the ability to change your business with shopfitting, office furniture, project management, commercial fit out, refurbishment, interior design and space planning. You can call us today on 01245 360060 to discuss your project today!


In relation to our National Stress Awareness Day, you can also contact mental health charities such as Mind if you would like to seek professional guidance into the tough time you may be currently experiencing.


Top Office Design Tips to Cultivate Inspiration

If productivity has decreased and staff creative spark is little more than a faint flicker, pointing an accusatory finger and gruffly questioning their work ethic is likely to shatter any lingering morale.

In most cases, employee production and joy is closely linked to their atmosphere, which means the right working area can greatly increase efficiency and exuberance in one fell swoop.

Rather than paying a small fortune installing a driving range or a hammock for every employee, though, all it takes is a dollop of inventiveness and a bit of your time to foster a creative environment.

Brighten the Space

Nobody wants to work in an environment where the walls are a murky shade of grey and the staff room wouldn’t look out of place in the Shawshank Redemption. Consequently, it pays to familiarise yourself with colour theory, which attributes certain feelings to colours (blue is stabilising, red is energising, for example) and allows you to strike the right balance in your office

Welcome Natural Lighting

It’s hardly a secret that natural light benefits our health and boosts creativity, so if your office isn’t making the most of its natural light sources, it’s time to change your viewpoint. Additionally, exposure to daylight leads to more restful sleep in the evening and can alleviate workplace stress and depression.

Grab Some Greenery

It may sound simple, but by providing in a range of office plants for your workplace, the collective wellbeing and productivity of your employees – not to mention the profitability of your company – will improve dramatically. In fact, studies have shown up to 50 per cent of office-based workers would work an extra hour a day if they liked their surroundings. Winner!

Clear the Clutter

Walk into any office around the globe and you’ll find workspaces littered with more clutter than you can shake a stick at – but this apparent desk-based disorder could be detrimental to your employees’ productivity and creativity. As a result, try to encourage a clear desk policy and ask employees to avoid unnecessary paperwork, which should also cut down on waste in the workplace.

Embrace Ergonomics

If your employees sit in uncomfortable office chairs and are hunched over an unsuitable desk for eight hours a day, it’s highly unlikely to foster a creative environment. Therefore, make sure you embrace ergonomics and invest in specially designed office chairs, as well as encouraging your employees to sit properly to avoid any long-term damage to their bodies.