The Space Planning Significance

Space planning can be incredibly beneficial in terms of your building’s interior design, planning your extra space requirement can make a big difference to business premises. The detail and quality of information we take in the early stages forms the foundations of your project which are vital to the end result.

The significance of space planning starts by understanding all factors from your business, culture, budgets and future requirements. This approach ensures your design will align with your strategy, as well as being visually easy on the eye.

We maximise the utilisation of all available space in the efficient and effective manner according to our client’s special needs and requirements. If we look at them from a financial perspective, it is evident that space is one of the most valuable assets for any company.

Our team of experts at The ABS Group can utilise the space you have in the best and most practical or stylish way possible within your commercial building or offices.

Included in the project brief, will be an audit on your workplace, taking into consideration your existing circumstances. This often helps determine the size and type of the new work space you require.

The process of a scaled floor plan will enable you to determine the right sizes of furniture to purchase, and where to put any existing pieces that you already have. It can also sometimes highlight new alternatives, for example re-engineering your space and adopting new working practices within your existing property.

With this in mind, it’s best to hire experience and skilled professionals, who are proven within the area of providing such services for many years. A small space can be managed efficiently in numerous ways or layouts with our help, whilst a large space can be mismanaged without the relevant expertise.

We are able to design and build entire projects from conception through to completion and provide architectural, interior design and project management skills independently, or as part of an integrated service.

The design team that will carry out your project, come from a broad range of backgrounds so that we can operate effectively across a variety of sectors. The ABS Group provide a space planning service as well as many intriguing interior intelligence. We are able to combine the creativity, flare & vision you would expect from an interior design consultancy with an extensive technical & architectural knowledge base.

If you would like to find out more information regarding our services into space planning or interior design, call The ABS Group on 01245 360060 to discuss your project today.

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