Effective Ways to Save Money on Your Project

Do you want to reduce the expense of building or renovating your shop fit out? The abs Group can help! Check out some simple techniques that are guaranteed to keep the process efficient and effective, as well as saving you money in the long run!

The Planning Process

You can get more value for your money by assigning a shopfitter such as The abs Group. During the initial stages of project planning, we can provide a project management service within our fit out cost. This in turn makes the most of this cost by relieving you of valuable time and unnecessary stress. In addition, we’re able to get started on the all important contractor quotes. Rather than estimating costs solely based on previous jobs.

We can also prevent any delays in the schedule, by identifying errors in design that may cause lengthy delays in obtaining permits. These documents are essential and will be certified before any building works may commence. Therefore, the earlier these are discovered the less it will impact on the timeline, if at all.

The abs Group have endless knowledge and experience within current trends and products, we also understand the pros and cons of materials and product design from a construction perspective and can provide insight on how this can assist, or affect, you and your company.

Considered a Cheaper Alternative?

Alternative products and materials can be a cheaper and practical option to consider within your fit out project. This can be crucial to cutting costs and remaining under budget. Luckily, The abs Group use the best products and materials that are cost effective to your business.

Time is Money – Consider When The Right Time is To Get Started on Your Project

A complete fit out will require the closure of your business for a period of time – also known as a ‘shutdown’. It’s important to know that a project of this calibre will take time and after all, time is money!

A proactive approach into considering the best time for your project to begin will eradicate any impact of the closure – you can base this on previous years when your business may have been a little less quieter.

You will also have to take into consideration your staff, advising them early as possible of the store’s redevelopment will encourage them to take leave during the works, further minimising outgoing costs. It’s also recommended to inform customers of a potential closure ahead of time. If possible, arrange an alternative purchasing method or location during this time. If your business provides a service, this allows time for clients to schedule their appointments around the project and are less likely to reach out to a competitive company during shutdown process.

However if you would rather not go down this route, our extensive experience in occupied projects, as contractors we understand that perhaps you don’t want staff or your customers to be disrupted, so our contracts managers can work alongside you to develop a suitable refurbishment project programme. Our duty to health and safety also ensures we can work in and around your workforce if necessary.

Alternatively, by inviting us to review your existing premises, we will carry out a workplace and property appraisal and develop planning schemes that will revive the working environment and make better use of the current structure to introduce new, improved facilities and expand your workforce – this approach may save you further money as a refurbishment can benefit you rather than a complete fit out.

Sometimes moving your business is just not possible. If you’re existing business premises are tired, worn, run-down and not motivating to employees. The ABS Group can assist you with your office refurbishment and will help you to assess your building for improvements.

If you would like to find out more information into our services at The ABS Group, you can call us on 01245 360060 to discuss your project requirements today!

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