Set Your Sails For A New Business Horizon

Moving your company is something you may have considered for some time now, whether it be down to cheaper overheads or just relocating to a better central location amongst other reasons. However, while it might not seem an easy task of uprooting your business, there’s no doubt it cane feel like an exciting new beginning!

A new business location can be the start of new opportunities, such as growing your client base and increasing your revenue. But with it comes challenges that are worth being made aware of:

  • Studying your location ensures you know it’s the right place to start your new company chapter.
  • Avoid taking unnecessary items with you – this is a new beginning so the need for a modern feel can be just the ticket. Out with the old and in with the new as they say… Prepare in the right way by taking the essentials and anything that isn’t can be given to charity or recycled.

  • Organising business possessions/furniture early can save a lot of headaches later down the line. Supplies such as boxes, bubble wrap and packaging tape will be some handy tools as you begin the task of heading to pastures new.
  • The decision to relocate your business can impact on your staff for many work/personal reasons, make sure employees are given enough warning into the new and exciting transition for your business.

With the help of The abs Group, we can get you off and running quickly and efficiently. We have all the resources required to relocate your business. We have not only the vehicles and equipment for the job, but some of the most experienced staff to match.

We can offer sound advice from the inception of any forthcoming project. Although the actual physical move or change may be many months away, this is the best time to call for free advice and consultation, which may well have an impact on your relocation strategy and could save on overall costs.

The ABS Group can be on hand to attend planning meetings, departmental briefings, to liaise with other contractors where required, to ensure continuity and communication lines are maintained, but also to give practical advice and solutions should any unforeseen circumstances occur.

As in many aspects of life, good preparation is the key to success. Any changes to workplace environments can be a stressful time and can mean loss of productivity if not carefully planned and executed.

Whatever plans you are considering, The ABS Group offer a free consultation to assess your requirements. Our experienced staff will carefully quantify and analyse each aspect of any proposed moves or changes, working with you and your staff to formulate a strategy to minimise any disruption to your business.

Call The ABS Group on 01245 360060 to discuss your project today!

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