What Does Your Office Space Say About Your Company?

Like it or not, your office space design says a lot about your company and its culture within. We are highly sensitive to our environments and will unthinkingly adjust ourselves accordingly. So what do your surroundings say about you and your company?

The chances are, you’re still working in an office designed—consciously or not—to support an idea of work that came into its heyday about one hundred years ago. While it may worked in your favour in the past, when does there come a time for change to a more modern feel and fit with the current trends?

What might our work spaces look like if we did design them to support the kind of work today’s economy requires? Designing a work space for ourselves and our companies that’s both fit for purpose and authentic?

After all, the fundamental unit of production in the knowledge economy is the team – a happy team is always more productive!

The team’s space is their home base. It should foster a sense of team territory and belonging, and play a key role in orienting the individual to the team identity.

If the team is how knowledge gets created, the team’s space is where their knowledge is located. Make all surfaces writable: walls, space dividers and even tabletops. Customer-oriented teams surround themselves with the daily rituals of their customers. Creative teams saturate their spaces with inspiration. Productive teams use space to visualize workflow.

New ideas and new directions spring from serendipitous encounters and ad hoc conversations. Creativity is an iterative process, and creative spaces should be too with the addition of furniture that perfectly compliments your office environment.

Modern really is the word you’ll be looking for the most, when you consider having your office redesigned. Better still, your new furniture can be make or break as to whether your brand spanking new office is a success or a complete FAIL.

If you’re the boss, consider making your workspace a priority. You could in turn build a culture and an organization that can thrive in a knowledge and modern economy.

With this in mind, The ABS Group has a dedicated office furniture team on hand to help you to choose the right product against any aesthetic and technical needs to suit your office and will coordinate the incorporation of the products into your office environment.

Our experienced team can arrange, supply, deliver and install anything from storage, seating, workstations, conference suites and specialist items through to tailor-made designs adapted to fit. We offer efficient work space solutions, storage audits, space analysis and needs analysis to guarantee that comfort, ergonomics, functionality and form unite seamlessly with branding and workplace relationships for a more productive office work space.

If you would like to find out more information regarding our services, call The ABS Group on 01245 360060 to discuss your project today.

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