Effective Ways to Save Money on Your Project

Do you want to reduce the expense of building or renovating your shop fit out? The abs Group can help! Check out some simple techniques that are guaranteed to keep the process efficient and effective, as well as saving you money in the long run!

The Planning Process

You can get more value for your money by assigning a shopfitter such as The abs Group. During the initial stages of project planning, we can provide a project management service within our fit out cost. This in turn makes the most of this cost by relieving you of valuable time and unnecessary stress. In addition, we’re able to get started on the all important contractor quotes. Rather than estimating costs solely based on previous jobs.

We can also prevent any delays in the schedule, by identifying errors in design that may cause lengthy delays in obtaining permits. These documents are essential and will be certified before any building works may commence. Therefore, the earlier these are discovered the less it will impact on the timeline, if at all.

The abs Group have endless knowledge and experience within current trends and products, we also understand the pros and cons of materials and product design from a construction perspective and can provide insight on how this can assist, or affect, you and your company.

Considered a Cheaper Alternative?

Alternative products and materials can be a cheaper and practical option to consider within your fit out project. This can be crucial to cutting costs and remaining under budget. Luckily, The abs Group use the best products and materials that are cost effective to your business.

Time is Money – Consider When The Right Time is To Get Started on Your Project

A complete fit out will require the closure of your business for a period of time – also known as a ‘shutdown’. It’s important to know that a project of this calibre will take time and after all, time is money!

A proactive approach into considering the best time for your project to begin will eradicate any impact of the closure – you can base this on previous years when your business may have been a little less quieter.

You will also have to take into consideration your staff, advising them early as possible of the store’s redevelopment will encourage them to take leave during the works, further minimising outgoing costs. It’s also recommended to inform customers of a potential closure ahead of time. If possible, arrange an alternative purchasing method or location during this time. If your business provides a service, this allows time for clients to schedule their appointments around the project and are less likely to reach out to a competitive company during shutdown process.

However if you would rather not go down this route, our extensive experience in occupied projects, as contractors we understand that perhaps you don’t want staff or your customers to be disrupted, so our contracts managers can work alongside you to develop a suitable refurbishment project programme. Our duty to health and safety also ensures we can work in and around your workforce if necessary.

Alternatively, by inviting us to review your existing premises, we will carry out a workplace and property appraisal and develop planning schemes that will revive the working environment and make better use of the current structure to introduce new, improved facilities and expand your workforce – this approach may save you further money as a refurbishment can benefit you rather than a complete fit out.

Sometimes moving your business is just not possible. If you’re existing business premises are tired, worn, run-down and not motivating to employees. The ABS Group can assist you with your office refurbishment and will help you to assess your building for improvements.

If you would like to find out more information into our services at The ABS Group, you can call us on 01245 360060 to discuss your project requirements today!

The Space Planning Significance

Space planning can be incredibly beneficial in terms of your building’s interior design, planning your extra space requirement can make a big difference to business premises. The detail and quality of information we take in the early stages forms the foundations of your project which are vital to the end result.

The significance of space planning starts by understanding all factors from your business, culture, budgets and future requirements. This approach ensures your design will align with your strategy, as well as being visually easy on the eye.

We maximise the utilisation of all available space in the efficient and effective manner according to our client’s special needs and requirements. If we look at them from a financial perspective, it is evident that space is one of the most valuable assets for any company.

Our team of experts at The ABS Group can utilise the space you have in the best and most practical or stylish way possible within your commercial building or offices.

Included in the project brief, will be an audit on your workplace, taking into consideration your existing circumstances. This often helps determine the size and type of the new work space you require.

The process of a scaled floor plan will enable you to determine the right sizes of furniture to purchase, and where to put any existing pieces that you already have. It can also sometimes highlight new alternatives, for example re-engineering your space and adopting new working practices within your existing property.

With this in mind, it’s best to hire experience and skilled professionals, who are proven within the area of providing such services for many years. A small space can be managed efficiently in numerous ways or layouts with our help, whilst a large space can be mismanaged without the relevant expertise.

We are able to design and build entire projects from conception through to completion and provide architectural, interior design and project management skills independently, or as part of an integrated service.

The design team that will carry out your project, come from a broad range of backgrounds so that we can operate effectively across a variety of sectors. The ABS Group provide a space planning service as well as many intriguing interior intelligence. We are able to combine the creativity, flare & vision you would expect from an interior design consultancy with an extensive technical & architectural knowledge base.

If you would like to find out more information regarding our services into space planning or interior design, call The ABS Group on 01245 360060 to discuss your project today.

Before and During Your Fit Out Process

When considering a new look for your premises, you may have many ideas in mind of how you would like it all to piece together nicely. For our new clients, that’s exactly what we do – we have your thoughts and requirements in mind through the beginning to the end of completion!

With shop fitting teams working across Greater London and the South East, The ABS Group tailors our approach to suit to your needs.

When our team are assigned to your project, we meet with you prior to project commencement to discuss your expectations and briefly outline the project timeline.

This also allows you to both put a face to the name, so to speak. As reassurance for both parties, a construction contract outlining the terms and conditions, and comprising payment terms, are commonly signed prior to initiating works.

We like to negotiate the project’s planning stages quickly and efficiently, getting the process in motion with our client.

As a retailer in a shopping centre or high street restaurant, our Management and Designers can provide a bespoke service solution designed to meet the needs of your project from conception through to completion, giving you a single point of contact allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

Essentially, the only reason a you would need to communicate with centre management regarding the shop build, is to sign off on the costings. Any further issues and interactions will be handled by us.

Our site foreman will then receive the relevant information and know the project inside out, consequently able to answer any queries you may have concerning the build.

The ABS Group can help you with all aspects of shop fitting and store development, offering a full range of design, planning & construction services to suit your requirements.

Our overall services are as follows:

  • Shopfitting
  • Interior Design & Space Planning
  • Office Furniture
  • Commercial Fit Out & Refurbishment
  • Project Management
  • Move Management

If you would like to find out more information on our services or would like to speak to a member of the team about a query, please get in contact with us today on 01245 360060. Alternatively, you can reach us via our email address – info@theabsgroup.co.uk.


Why Choose Us at The ABS Group?

2018 may present a time for change in terms of your future plans on your mind, with a broad technical and operational experience in many Fit Out and Building Refurbishment projects for both the Public and Private Sectors, The ABS Group are best to carry out your specific requirements – but why choose us?

With 20 years business experience to our bow, integrity and fairness are paramount of The ABS Group, whether we are dealing with customers, suppliers or fellow team members – honesty is simply the best policy.

We the bar set high in terms of delivering projects to a high and expert standard across the country, Owner Tony Croft and the team dedicate time and precision to ensure each project is completed safely and promptly.

With this in mind, the experience of our team is essential when it comes to taking on the type of projects that we carry out. Our proven track record ensures that projects will be done right and with the utmost professionalism.

The ABS Group’s craftsmanship, functionality and value include a hands-on management style and personal attention to clients, we handle larger projects with consummate ease.

Besides providing outstanding field work, we also undertake detailed estimating, proposals, permitting, as well as the coordination of the projects. This is essential to a successful outcome – our quality construction continues after the close of the project.

We commit ourselves to get any job done in the timeliest manner as possible, using the latest tools, techniques, and technology to complete the job.

Many of the projects that The ABS Group complete are designed by them using state of the art software. We also use drawings in house to determine a project and what it will look like, this can ensure that the project is designed to your specifications and budget – while ensuring cost effective designs.

We want the client to be happy with their project, now and long into the future. Detailed plans also allow the project to be more precisely estimated and eliminates questions in the field.

Providing clients a complete service package, The ABS Group guides clients through every step of the building process, from design to material discussion, budget to site arrangement. They consider the details of a project from the start-up, preparing the way for a smooth and positive construction experience.

The ABS Group is sincerely interested in the safety of their employees, the public, and our operations. They have a Safety Program and their employees are continually trained on safety issues.

Our overall services are as follows:

  • Shopfitting
  • Interior Design & Space Planning
  • Office Furniture
  • Commercial Fit Out & Refurbishment
  • Project Management
  • Move Management

If you would like to find out more information on our services at The ABS Group, or would like to speak to a member of the team about a query, please get in contact with us today on 01245 360060.

Top Office Design Tips to Cultivate Inspiration

If productivity has decreased and staff creative spark is little more than a faint flicker, pointing an accusatory finger and gruffly questioning their work ethic is likely to shatter any lingering morale.

In most cases, employee production and joy is closely linked to their atmosphere, which means the right working area can greatly increase efficiency and exuberance in one fell swoop.

Rather than paying a small fortune installing a driving range or a hammock for every employee, though, all it takes is a dollop of inventiveness and a bit of your time to foster a creative environment.

Brighten the Space

Nobody wants to work in an environment where the walls are a murky shade of grey and the staff room wouldn’t look out of place in the Shawshank Redemption. Consequently, it pays to familiarise yourself with colour theory, which attributes certain feelings to colours (blue is stabilising, red is energising, for example) and allows you to strike the right balance in your office

Welcome Natural Lighting

It’s hardly a secret that natural light benefits our health and boosts creativity, so if your office isn’t making the most of its natural light sources, it’s time to change your viewpoint. Additionally, exposure to daylight leads to more restful sleep in the evening and can alleviate workplace stress and depression.

Grab Some Greenery

It may sound simple, but by providing in a range of office plants for your workplace, the collective wellbeing and productivity of your employees – not to mention the profitability of your company – will improve dramatically. In fact, studies have shown up to 50 per cent of office-based workers would work an extra hour a day if they liked their surroundings. Winner!

Clear the Clutter

Walk into any office around the globe and you’ll find workspaces littered with more clutter than you can shake a stick at – but this apparent desk-based disorder could be detrimental to your employees’ productivity and creativity. As a result, try to encourage a clear desk policy and ask employees to avoid unnecessary paperwork, which should also cut down on waste in the workplace.

Embrace Ergonomics

If your employees sit in uncomfortable office chairs and are hunched over an unsuitable desk for eight hours a day, it’s highly unlikely to foster a creative environment. Therefore, make sure you embrace ergonomics and invest in specially designed office chairs, as well as encouraging your employees to sit properly to avoid any long-term damage to their bodies.